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10 Reasons To Have A Beach Wedding

‘Life is a Beach’, they say. Fortunately, this world has no dearth of spectacular beaches. Right from the white-sand beaches to crystal-clear water beaches, popular to unexplored ones, beaches never disappoint. Therefore, when you...


Most Amazing Disney Dads

It’s Father’s Day! Can Disney be far behind in honoring its fathers who have inspired us in so many different ways. These fathers have given Uncondional love, support, strength, lessons, little eccentricity to their...

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5 Revolutionary Features of Android M

Few days back Google announced its latest flavor of Android that is Android M. Though its not yet announced what ‘M’ stands for, but most of the features have been spilled out of the...

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Techbuzz: Oneplus 2

Oneplus? The question that pops up in everyone’s mind when they hear it for the 1st time. So for those who don’t know what is Oneplus, it is a Chinese smartphone company.Till date Oneplus...


Yes, I am 21 and I Love Disney

When you are in love, age is just a number. Indeed! Ever since our childhood, we have never missed the beautiful shows that Disney showed us. There were petite yet strong princesses, The grumpy...