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Yes, I am 21 and I Love Disney

When you are in love, age is just a number. Indeed! Ever since our childhood, we have never missed the beautiful shows that Disney showed us. There were petite yet strong princesses, The grumpy...

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Another YU Bomber: The Yuphoria

The search for a good smartphone at a competitive price is never ending in current scenario. You decide upon a smartphone to buy and suddenly next day there is a better option out there....

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Kids Speak out on Religion

Hear out the kids and their  innocent thoughts about religion. In a world where adults are at war over religion, these kids bring out a ray of hope in an otherwise communal society.  


Just Pin It!

‘Pinning’ is the new IT word of the social scenario. Gone are the days when liking, commenting, blocking, un-following etc. ruled the roost. Today, Networking sites offer visual stimulation and new ideas to make...

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The Minimal Road Sense

With the increase in road accidents and number of fatalities, here is an interesting compilation of posters that tell us exactly where we are going wrong. These intelligently designed posters humorously relate our wrong...

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The Minimal Drunkard

Dedicated to that one guy, who is always in for drinking, no matter what time is it, or what occasion. KUDOS. Check out this work by the guys at Poster Hook, A Collection of...

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The Internet Desideratum

Gone are the days when Internet was just about browsing and surfing and was limited to websites and blogs. We have taken a step further into the future, where we have grown out of...