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Paris, Je t’aime!

Walks down the beautiful boulevards, strolls in the beautiful parks, visits to the iconic museums, the sight of the beautifully lit Eiffel Tower, chic labels from Champs-Élysées, romances in Montmartre, weddings in Notre Dame,...

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Reasons to visit Santorini Islands

White sand beaches, exotic locales, architectural ruins, unique culinary delights and lots of history is what that defines Santorini. Apart from being a wonderful holiday destination, it is also one of the most preferred...

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Romancing In The States

Apart from being world’s economic watchdog, USA has many wonderful exquisite locations which are perfect for romantic getaways. From the jazzy nightclubs to  lush green forests, from picturesque locales to classy dining points, from...

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10 Reasons To Have A Beach Wedding

‘Life is a Beach’, they say. Fortunately, this world has no dearth of spectacular beaches. Right from the white-sand beaches to crystal-clear water beaches, popular to unexplored ones, beaches never disappoint. Therefore, when you...