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Most Amazing Disney Dads

It’s Father’s Day! Can Disney be far behind in honoring its fathers who have inspired us in so many different ways. These fathers have given Uncondional love, support, strength, lessons, little eccentricity to their...

kids on religion 0

Kids Speak out on Religion

Hear out the kids and their  innocent thoughts about religion. In a world where adults are at war over religion, these kids bring out a ray of hope in an otherwise communal society.  

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The Minimal Road Sense

With the increase in road accidents and number of fatalities, here is an interesting compilation of posters that tell us exactly where we are going wrong. These intelligently designed posters humorously relate our wrong...


Men And Sterotypes

In the present day scenario where everyone talks about women being affected by sexism, very few people realise that it hits men too. The video throws light on those perspectives by featuring men from...

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Wrapping Up The Festival: Durga Pooja

“Durga Pooja”- the name in itself provokes a sense of bliss with pictures of nostalgic celebrations racing across the mind. Also known by the name of “Durgotsava” or “Navaratri”, it is celebrated with immense...

Yoga Stress Free 2

A Short Guide To Eliminate Stress

Just imagine how attractive, full of happiness and beautiful life will be, if we could avoid stress and depression. Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists help in relieving stress by counseling people or prescribing medicines. They define stress as...