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Just Pin It!

‘Pinning’ is the new IT word of the social scenario. Gone are the days when liking, commenting, blocking, un-following etc. ruled the roost. Today, Networking sites offer visual stimulation and new ideas to make...

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Modular Phones:Expectations & Reality

Smartphone market has seen drastic development in past 2-3 years and its time for a game changer. And we have a new name in market-Modular Phones, what are they exactly? As the name suggests...

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What’s New with The ‘N’

The upcoming Android 7.0 which is expected to be released during Q3 this year made a surprising appearance on 9th of March with its developer preview. Google has released this developer preview for the...

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5 Revolutionary Features of Android M

Few days back Google announced its latest flavor of Android that is Android M. Though its not yet announced what ‘M’ stands for, but most of the features have been spilled out of the...

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Techbuzz: Oneplus 2

Oneplus? The question that pops up in everyone’s mind when they hear it for the 1st time. So for those who don’t know what is Oneplus, it is a Chinese smartphone company.Till date Oneplus...

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Another YU Bomber: The Yuphoria

The search for a good smartphone at a competitive price is never ending in current scenario. You decide upon a smartphone to buy and suddenly next day there is a better option out there....