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The Epiphany


“When winter comes, can spring be far behind?”, these timeless words by one of my favourite poets, P.B. Shelley kept ringing in my ears when I woke up from my deep slumber one chilly dawn. I groggily got off the bed and looked outside the window. It was still parky and the sun could nowhere be seen. Probably because it is still dawn, I thought stifling a yawn. But deep inside, I was desperately praying for the sun to show up. Sleep had mysteriously vanished and my bed was no longer inviting! I kept standing beside my window pane to see if the sun showed but everything I saw out was frost-covered…

Far away amidst the trees, perched a haughty colony of bats. Proud in their mannerism, they chortled at the fact that the world was sleeping! They knew they were the nocturnal kings. The deserted roads, frosty trees, the empty sky all belonged to them, the frightening Bat King screeched. The creepy silence was their melodious music!!!

My wish had still not come true. The dawn’s silence sent shivers down my spine. The truth was that I was scared.. scared of the unknown. All the abysmal memories had returned to haunt me and the fears of the unknown engulfed me! Deep inside, I thought I was shaking although outwardly, I stood still! My blanket failed to provide me with sufficient warmth!

Far away, the bats partied hard and reveled in the merry-making! Their motives added to the darkness of the dawn!
They danced away to glory and were neck deep in the feeling that they owned the world! Alas! They were oblivious that It was their El-Dorado’s sway!

I must do something, I resolved, I should fight my fears and face the adversities. It seemed as if the battle between my fears and my mind went on forever until I saw a frost-covered leaf thaw!

Seeing a frost-covered leaf thaw came as a shock to these creepy creatures. There was a commotion everywhere. The darkness, the frost, the world all belonged to them, they thought. But their dreams were collapsing! They saw their enemy coming into an existence- The Sunbeam! They were defeated, they thought while hiding in their ambush. Pride comes before a fall they realized! It was too late..

I was still groggy when I saw the leaf thaw. However, the feeling of elation enveloped me. My blanket was suddenly warm and I noticed how beautiful everything was in the sunlight. Life had a new meaning. I opened the window and a gust of cool breeze slapped across my face. And the epiphany striked, “ If Winter Comes, Spring Indeed isn’t far behind”. I had won, I think happily..I had won!!!




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