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Moving on


The black clouds eclipse the sun,
the sun disappears when dark times comes..
Often it leaves us baffled,
if it will show again,
though somewhere deep inside,we do know
that it will be bright again..

Those sleepless nights of melancholy
with copious tears shed,
or looking in the empty sky
for ‘THAT PROMISE’ once said!!

Those times,joys and smiles
have disappeared in the sands of time,
keeping in your mind,
you open the windows of your heart..
The unleashed emotions flow
with dignity in your ‘soul’..

You smile at the AGONY,
the pain that made you cry..
no longer its your enemy,
no longer life’s wry!!!
Life is not your foe,
for you have learnt to let go..

Only to see the clouds move
and see the sun rise,
This STORY has been yours
and has also been mine..




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