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Somewhere in the parallel universe, I imagine, is a world of idealistics, aptness and precise statistics. Somewhere everyone knows everything, leaving no room from blemishes even in the highest level of daunting tasks. Free from awes and surprises, this world has the balance of a boulder on the needle, indefinite energy rippling isotropically. Even in natural catastrophes, this universe has a virtual Sun to pull up the rain droplets and reverberate eternal rays of blessings. The dwellers here, are self-awakened to the extent of immortality and true in the prayers of a cleansed soul. Negative is a word not known, cruelty is a practice not dreamt. There are no expectations emerging from anyone and diligently are the chores done universally. Wisdom in all spheres, is never preached but inborn to the young ones with a girl child being embraced with equality.


Cliches, taboos, myths are hypothetical under all circumstances and a plausible effect of no behavior is realized, good or bad. This universe has no love either, nor a cold heart; it is a roof of enlightenment where bliss is known from self accomplishments, independent of external forces to one’s own soul. In the pink of their health, dwellers sans illness, concentrate the unending inner charisma in the happenings of present and hold no grudges and guilt whatsoever. There never is a requirement to celebrate nor a reason to moan, where on demise, it is unanimously considered  a natural cycle of ‘birth and rebirth’ and not a tear is shed to reluctantly hold back the freely departing spirit. In the natural blend with spirituality, people live with highest level of supremacy and disbelieve in almighty for no one except they themselves have the gift of forgiveness and mind of correctness.

martin-luther-king-i-have-a-dream-canvas-art-print-550-pThere are no governing authorities and laws to be enforced.Income levels are equal and economy is forever prospering. Red tapism is long forgotten and bribed & black money buried deep in the treasure boxes, on the sea beds. The sailors (learners) cover the path of advancement in nautical miles on non turbulent seas and the sea beds (mentors) are never stabbed ruthlessly by anchors of forgotten favors. The technological ghosts have not haunted the unrushed world hitherto and thus, there are no seeds of environment degradation to crop up. The ‘perfect-o-sphere’ in every single form is calm, united, sane and growing.

Fortunately or otherwise, I have to admit the fact of living in the materialistic world, where asymmetry  is to its peak and virtually dead souls have learnt to live in misery. Our lives have become disguised sine waves, where we slump in periods of downfall and haughtily flaunt moments of richness. In the lost conscience, I pray for harbingers of goodwill, oblivious of the potential I have inside me and fellow earthlings to make ours the perfect world of serenity. Unfortunately, according to the laws of geometry,’Two parallels lines never intersect’ and rightly so is the aptness in degree of parallelism in two contrasting universes which will never intersect to make my earth the ‘perfect-o-sphere’!




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