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To Dad, With Love!



I feel blessed,

For you allowed me to be born..

and helped me tread on the path..

full of roses and thorns…..

Now, I am a sapling,

because you were a tree..

you were the wind when clouds hovered over me…

you were the manure…

during my hunger

and sunlight..

when I wilted!!! :(

Freed from the loving wings of mom,

I was scared to face the world..

but your soothing hand hand made me tread

on the untrodden path with love and care…

You are my mentor..

You are my guide…


When I will be a tree..

you will be a very old

Then I will be the wind,

to protect u from clouds..

and I will be the sunlight,

who will never let you wilt! :)

For all the papas of the  lovely dolls and princesses and  all the superheros of  the cute devil boys…! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY !!!




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