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25 PLL Questions That Drove Us Crazy


Ahoy PLL Fans! Anticipation is palpable in the air.  Good news- The crazy, long wait is almost over. Within a few hours, we will come to know the identity of the psychopath, omnipresent, omniscient and sadistic tormentor of the liars who seems no less than a supernatural being in the episode- “GAME OVER CHARLES” . Everyone knows how long we were made to wait and  with the show’s crazy twists and turns, the suspense only found a way upwards. However, we all are eager to know the answers to endless questions which nobody seemed to answer till now. Marlene King, the show’s creator clarified that all the questions shall be answered. YAY! Finally..We all wanna know the answers of the following questions-

1. Who is Charles DiLaurentis?
2. Who are his allies- Red Coat & Black Widow?
3. Who killed Bethany Young? How is she embroiled in all this drama?
4. Who hit Ali with a stone that fatal night?
5. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? Whom was she “protecting”?
6. Who was she stealthily supplying clothes to?
7. Who is in the barrel?
8. Who is the Varjack that Cyrus was referring to?
9. How is Cyrus related to this mess?
10. Why and how did A manage to torture the liars for years without being caught?
11. Who financed A’s cruel deeds?
12. Who killed Ian and Garette?
13. Who is Dr. Palmer? What does he know about A?
14. Where has E-Lamb disappeared?
15. What role does CeCe has to play in this evil A game?
16. Where has detective Helbrook disappeared?
17. Is Maya really dead?
18. Who gave Emily a massage and who implanted a message in hanna’s tooth?
19. Who put blood in Spencer’s bag in London?
20. Why was Wren drawing a picture that seemed like a red coat?
21. What was the point of introducing the following characters- Johnny, Talia, Jake, Zack,
22. Whom was Mona talking to when she was painting the Queen of The Hearts mask for
23. Which blonde girl was in Mona’s allegedly fake death video?
24. What was NAT club?
25. Can we trust Paige?

Tick Tock…Tick Tock…The clock is ticking so are our theories… 😉 XOXO




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