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Most Amazing Disney Dads


It’s Father’s Day! Can Disney be far behind in honoring its fathers who have inspired us in so many different ways. These fathers have given Uncondional love, support, strength, lessons, little eccentricity to their children. In a nutshell, they did everything to make their lives, one-of-a-kind. It’s time to trasure one of the most beautiful things that has happened to us- A FATHER…


Movie: Lion King
His magnificent personality and heart will always be treasured by Simba. He taught many valuable lessons of not giving up on the beautiful gift called life.

Lion King | Source: Youtube


Movie: Ratatouille
Django knew about his son Remy’s unique power of taste and smell and he went all way to support his cheffing choice. Understanding was his greatest ability and he helped him start a new restaurant La Ratatouille along with his other son Emile.


Movie: Beauty & The Beast
He is a little eccentric, clumsy by adorable. He raised his daughters like a princess with lots of love and care. No doubt, his youngest daughter Belle decided to sacrifice her own life by living with a Beast to save her father.

Source : fanpop
Source : fanpop

Movie: The Princess & The Frog
He wasn’t seen much in the movie, but James inspired Tiana to chase her dreams by working hard and staying humble at the same time. His righteous upbringing was clearly reflected in her who strived hard to make their shared dream of opening a restaurant, a reality.

Princess and the Frog | Source: pinterest

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Movie: Mickey’s Christmas carol, A Goofy Movie
Goofy might be too much like his name, but he is a great father to his son, Max. He is a strict father with a heart of gold. Sometimes he can get really childish and innocent but he inspired him and emerged as his hero.

Goofy | Source: pinterest

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Movie: UP
Initially, he might have come across as a grumpy loner who preferred to live in the memories of his dear departed wife Ellie. However, on embarking the balloon- journey to South America, he plays a father figure to the little naughty Russell.


Movie: Finding Nemo
Once a happy-go-lucky clownfish, marlin somewhat turned into an over-protective father to his son Nemo when a tragedy struck his loving family. He often voiced his pessimistic views about Nemo’s incompetence. Despite this, Nemo overcame every fear and made his dad proud. marlin had always been a loving , protective father who would not let his Nemo lose his happiness.


Movie: 101 Dalmations
To save the innocent puppies from abduction by the evil Cruela has always been Pongo’s mission. Kind and brave in mannerism, he was simply a loving father. With lots of courage, he fought all the evil and served as a good father and a brave hero.


Movie: Little Mermid
It certainly was difficult for him to support his darling daughter when she decided to become human. Not only he did that with aplomb but also solemnized her wedding to Prince Eric. Loving, Supoortive, kind and a hero, Aerial is lucky to have King Trenton as her father.


Movie: Pinocchio
It certainly broke our hearts when the honest, hard-working wood cutter, Geppetto was disappointed with Pinochhio’s lies. Not only he raised him as his own son but also showered unconditional love on him. His integrity, sincereity, loving and caring natures won our hearts.




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