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Game Of Thrones Season 4 Kick Off: Two Swords


The famous television series presented by HBO entertainment, ‘Game of thrones’ which already completed 3 seasons came back with its 4th installment in a splendid fashion. The season premiere named ‘Two Swords’ aired on 6th of April began with a brief recap of the previous season followed by the scene in which Tywin Lannister reforges the valyrian steel sword(of Ned Stark) into two different swords and presents one of them to his son Jamie Lannister urging him to go to Casterly Rock. Tyrion Lannister( The Imp) welcomes Prince Oberyn who came to King’s Landing to attend King Joffrey’s wedding on behalf of his brother Prince Doran. As Tyrion approaches Oberyn, he is acknowledged about his actual purpose of visit to King’s landing-Revenge from Lannisters.

Khaleesi with one of her drangons

A still from Game of thrones Season 4:Episode 1-Khaleesi with one of her drangons

Followed by all these drama at King’s Landing the next scene is about Khaleesi who encounters the fact that even though she’s the mother of Dragons she can’t tame them for her purpose. The army of Unsullied led by Khaleesi start marching towards Mereen through a dreadful path.

Jamie Lannister comes to know that nothing is same between him and his sister since his return. The Kingslayer is not regarded with the same honor as he lost his sword hand. Meanwhile the wildlings team up with the ruthless Thenns to take on the crows of Nights watch where John Snow even after breaking many oaths is devoid of any punishment.

GOT S4EP1 still:Arya Stark and The Hound

GOT S4EP1 still:Arya Stark and The Hound

The final scene is based on Arya Stark who is accompanied by Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane as they make their journey they come across a lodge where Arya spots the man named ‘Polliver’ who stole her sword ‘The needle’. After a heated conversation between them, a fight begins and in the end Arya takes back her sword from Polliver and puts it right through his throat.

The 1st episode of season 4 being highly appreciated by the audience has also made them crave for more. As we know there is still a lot more to catch up with the other characters. The 2nd episode of this season expected to be aired on 13th April is again up with a lot of expectations!

Take a look at Episode 2 promo:






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