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Most Offbeat Hollywood Movies


Hollywood has given a lot to the audience across the globe. Movies of different genres with different plots & a lot of them seem totally beyond ones imagination! Few of these movies would really blow your senses away. Here are some of those which are really worth a watch. A List of Most Offbeat Hollywood Movies

  • Vanilla Sky (2001)

Vanilla_Sky_G_01Starring Tom Cruise, Vanilla Sky is a story about a renowned publisher who undergoes a car accident which drastically changes his life.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)


Quest of people on Earth to discover an artificial object buried under moon’s surface.

  • CUBE (1997)

1348779751-cube1-528x4057 different people with different personalities are forced to encounter a deadly infinite maze.

  • Holy Motors (2012)


Holy Motors is a Story about a man named Oscar who personifies different characters.

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