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Official Game of Thrones Season 4 : Trailer Out NOW!


HBO’s jewel fantasy drama has officially revealed the teaser of its renewed fourth season which airs this April.It leaves us wanting for more and reveals bits and frames of the upcoming saga.With king Joffery’s ostentatious wedding to Cercies overprotective demeanor for her son to increasing Daenerys power across the narrow sea to the fate of Arya Stark and the mother of John Snow,there are many unanswered questions for this season. The wait is going to be too long .

rs_560x415-130717110502-1024.emilia.cm.71813_copyHoping to see more of Daenerys Targaryen,and her dragons and the fate of the stark families after the Red Wedding.Uncertainty of deaths at the Realm still looms large,and the bloodshed prevails.So the Game is ON,and the Throne is at Stake.


Till then,wait for April 6th and here is the teaser.




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