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Open Letter To Marlene King


a theory

Dear Marlene,
As you promised us, A has been revealed in Pretty Little Liars and it is none other than the highly suspected CeCe/Charlotte. Well! Too predictable, however it makes sense. Apart from that, her accomplices Red Coat & Black Widow (surprisingly they are the same and none other than the stupid Sara). After a lot of melodrama, twists and turns, the drama has had its fans stuck in its intricately woven web of confusion. Although it is the summer of answers, the PLL fans all over the world still have questions. Will we ever get the answers of these questions? We love the show and we need answers…

  1. Is Charles dead?
  2. Who Killed Jessica DiLaurentis?
  3. Who locked the moms in the basement?
  4. Who on the earth is Mr. Rollins?
  5. What is Alison up to? Is changing her name to Mrs. Rollins is a part of some agenda?
  6. Did Alison and Lorenzo break up?
  7. The lair was full of equipmnets and spying devices worth thousands of dollars. How did A manage to get such a big moolah by playing a wolf-of-Wall-Street!
  8. Does the reign of Charles pave way to some other scandal?
  9. Who is the ‘He’ that the girls warned Alison about?
  10. Has anyone else stolen the A game from Charles/CeCe?
  11. How did CeCe/Charlotte/Charles come in contact with Sara Harvey?
  12. Why did Sara hurt the liars?
  13. Why does Rhys Matthews act shady?
  14. Is Sara Harvey in love with Emily? Was she deliberately hurting Emily?
  15. Who put the blood-vial in Spencer’s bag when in London?
  16. What is the fate of Cyrus Petrillo?
  17. Where has Detective Helbrook disappeared?
  18. Why was Jason hiding in that shoddy apartment?
  19. Who assaulted Mike in the forest and tied him to a tree?
  20. Who attacked Aria and stapled her against the wall?
  21. Who attacked Ezra and Caleb with the arrows?
  22. Where has E- Lamb disappeared?
  23. What was the point of introducing the following characters- Talia, Johnny, Sydney, Jake, Zack? Are they somehow involved in this creepy mess?
  24. Can we trust Noel Kahn or Paige McCullers?
  25. Who was that mysterious lil girl that only Ashley Marin could see in the Halloween episode?



The PLL Fans


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