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Pretty Little Liars: The Potential A


The quest for the diabolic A in the Television Drama Pretty Little Liars continues. It’s high time we know who A is and with unfolding mysteries and eerie sequences, the audience can’t stop guessing! From sending anonymous threatening texts to framing the pretty liars up ( the latest one being blowing up the Cavannaugh house and attacking Ali), A leaves no chance to show them his/her supremacy. Now that the twin theory has been put to rest, the chance of Courtney being A is negligible. After many interesting episodes, I take the privileged to explain my theory on who could be the potential A

1192534_1363514914429_full1. Wren Kingston:
An intelligent and suave Wren easily charmed us. He is a doctor at Radley Sanitarium and was Mellissa Hasting’s ex-fiancé. He also hooked up with Spencer and tried to pursue Hanna but in vain. Although, he doesn’t have much to do, he can be a potential A as he seems to have a thing for young girls and is smart enough to avenge the girls. His enmity with E. Lamb at Radley and his misdoings raise our suspicions. He is seen wearing suits on numerous occasions and the girls did find a lot of suits in A’s liar. Wren loves vodka, so does A. Mrs Grundwal has mentioned that one of the girls has been  touched by the one Ali fears the most. Maybe she is referring to Spencer!
WHY NOT: He doesn’t have any connection with Alison.

Eddie-Lamb-at-Radley-560x3152. Eddie Lamb:
After all the drama, one thing is clear that this mystery has got something to do with Radley and Eddie Lamb has something to do with Bethany Young, a girl buried in Ali’s grave. His refusal to spill any info about Bethany to Spencer, his cagey behavior at Radley and his dropping the Bethany-signed picture on Ezra’s porch makes him look like a suspect. He might have been related to Bethaney and is now avenging her death. Or he has something to do with Toby’s mom’s death! Plus, he had an altercation with Wren where he ratted him out to the officials. Who knows if he is the one pulling strings!
WHY NOT: Why would he trouble the other girls and what will he gain out of it!

3. Jason DiLaurantis:Jason Pretty Little Liars
He never shared a cordial relation with his sister and always wanted her to go away from his life.In one of the episodes, where Ali stole and hid his porno comics, he threatened Ali and the others to keep away from him. He is mysterious and seems like he is hiding something. His whereabouts were not known when he disappeared from the hospital. He is capable of blackmail and dark secrets. He is the only one Jessica could be protecting from a secret.
WHY NOT: Despite his attitude, he is a good guy. Why would he make his sister’s life hell? He also got threatening notes. Why would he send it to himself?

6-zack-with-ella4. Zack:
He is the owner of BREW. Why is he introduced in the show anyway? Just to sweep Ella off her feet or to do diabolic things to the girls?  Does he have a secret agenda of his own? Very little is known about him and his past. His sudden interest in Ella is baffling! Although, he seems charming, who knows, if getting close to Ella helps him get the necessary info about the girls…
WHY NOT: Not a single streak of grey shade is seen in him. Also, he doesn’t have anything to do with the girls.

Mike-montgomery-pretty-little-liars5. Mike Montgomery:
It’s the quiet ones, one has to look out for! He is mysterious, coy and doesn’t really talk much. Maybe he has a secret agenda of his own. Plus he was diagnosed with psychological problem in season 2. He can get very aggressive when provoked and once hit Ella when she tried to snatch laptop from him. Maybe he keeps a low profile in order to avoid attention and execute his evil plans.

WHY NOT: No history of Alison and him together is known! Also, he is brother of Aria and loves her. Why would he hurt his sister and Aria?

6. Travis Hobbs:
His entry in the show is mysterious. Athough, he has great thing going for Hanna and seems to be a polite and sweet guy, who knows what’s going on in his mind. He is watchful and often visits Hanna unexpectedly! Plus, he has touched Hanna even before they started going out!
WHY NOT: He is sweet and never did anything suspicious!

travis pretty little liars

The hunt will go on….Keep guessing!



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