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Top 5 Dandiya Moves: A Hilarious Compilation


It’s the season of festivities in India and no celebration here is complete without dance and music. With the Navratri fever on, the entire nation is busy dancing away their evenings at the various dandiya events in the city. Everybody from an expert dancer to anamateur is seen grooving to the music with the beautifully decorated dandiyas in their hands. The Being Indian guys thought of capturing this and have come up with a really funny video that shows us the ‘Top 5 Dandiya moves’.

It very aptly showcases the various types of dancers we would come across on a dandiya night. From the ones that steal away the show to the ones who keep hurting their fingers, you have them all. The video is an extremely fun watch and also might as well give you some tips on improving your dandiya moves!




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  1. Hahahahah yes. Thanks for making me laugh.

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