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True Detective Season 2: Characters? Expectations!


After a Spectacular Season 1 of True Detective starring Matthew McConaughey(as Detective Rust Cohle) & Woody Harrelson(as Detective Marty Hart) the series is back with fresh faces and different locale. True Detective proved to be a unique series where initially one can’t say what is happening & as season progresses the story unravels. In Season 1, the most impressive part was the character portrayal by both McCounaughey & Harrelson which is unmatched for & became one prime reason for the season’s success!

Following the premiere of Season 2 which aired on 21st June many were disappointed as there was nothing too significant about the plot as well as the unpredictability, unlike the 1st Season. In fact, many might have found the characters to be unsuitable for their roles! Yet we have to say that all of the lead characters have a challenging task, as their performance would be compared with the previous ones. In addition to this , first two episodes of Season 2 will be directed by Justin Lin, of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Let’s take a look into each of them.

Colin Farrell as Detective Ray Velcoro


As far as Colin Farrell is concerned we have seen intense roles played by him in movies like Phonebooth, Total Recall etc. In True Detective he plays a dual role balancing his allegiances to his superior officers in an unscrupulous Police Department and a Mobster. In season premiere his character displays unhappiness for his livelihood and depression mounted up inside due to a failed family life.

Rachel McAdams as Detective Ani Bezzerides


Ani Bezzerides, a good cop at work but an alcoholic and gambling addict outside the job. Ani’s marriage is a failure. She has family issues with her sister being involved in anti-social acts and confrontation with her father who is a preacher, shows her utter hatred towards him. Rachel McAdams was seen in an immense role as a reporter in State of Play(2009) alongside Russell Crowe but for her also such roles are rare when we list down her other movies of light hearted comedies and romantic genre. It would be worth watching her playing such a role in episodes to come.

Taylor Kitsch as Officer Paul Woodrugh


Paul, a War veteran California Highway patrol officer who gets suspended from his job as he is accused of sexual harassment of a female civilian. Having dark memories from past and even these allegations being false he loses his motive to live & is on a verge to end his life!

Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon


Frank is a corrupt businessman with a criminal background whose new initiative of constructing a high-speed railway network in California is in a threat as his partner and city manager is missing at the crucial hours. Frank’s Wife Jordan(played by Kelly Reilly) is alongside him to support his intentions.Again Vince Vaughn to be selected for this role was a shocker as his past performances include mainly comical ones.

At the end of 1st episode, Paul attempts a suicide racing his bike at night with headlamps off but fails as he comes across dead body of Frank’s Partner and City Manager of Vinci’s. Ani works alongside Paul and as Ray is with Vinci PD he too gets involved in this case. It would be exciting to see how the story unfolds with viewers expectations high.Let’s hope that remaining season turns out to be as amazing as the 1st one!

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