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TV Series That Redefined NYC


The magnificent Chrysler building stands tall amidst all while the melifluous sound of the Bathesda fountain in the legendary Central Park turns into music. The Empire State Building is buzzing with activity while the hip cafes by the pedestrial walks become home for the vicacious yorkers. Say Ola to the BIG Apple where everything seems magic! Not to forget the phenomenal TV series that gave us many more reasons to love the city that never sleeps…


1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Remember ‘The Village’ which redefined what quaint is? We see the homely and comfortable side of NYC in Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler & Joey’s abode where they made memories in this wonderful city. Not to forget the famous Central Perk which was named after the Central Park. And yes! the Greenwich Village. 😀


2. Sex & The City: The clickety-clackity sound of high heels, the toasting of Cosmopolitans, and the opulant retail therepy in the city of dreams, Sex & the City had become synonymous with the glamourous New York City. Carrie along with her friends Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha fulfilled their desires to find perfect love. The Flatiron building 5th Avenue was often featured on the show along with the bustling cafes that gave us some serious bucket-list goals.

3. Gossip Girl:

“Hello Upper East Siders”, New York here.


We could not get enough of the glamour and glitz of the lovely Upper east Siders and the Brooklyn guys ( that also came with some Saucy scandals ;)). The best of New York City the shopping centres grand central terminal all was glamorously shown and made us green with envy. The super-like fifth avenue and the red-bricked loft of Brooklyn made us fall in love with it even more.


4. How I met your Mother: Accept it! We all loved the brownstone Ted lived in. Also, the tiny “New Yorkish” pub in the basement of the apartment. Everyone dreams of creating monumental moments living in NYC and when you have friends like that, NYC is a heaven.


5. Girls: The glamorous beauties subtly defined trendy and so did their brownstones. The trendy cafes, Hanna & Marnie’s apartments, Adam’s Sorry wall. NYC has it all. The bars were to die for and we all fell in love with SoHo. And yes…a new bucket list.




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