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12 must-do magical things in a lifetime


“The Simpler, The better”,  is a motto most of us follow in our lives. Often we miss out on lil things that bring a smile on our face while reaching out to something unrealistic. All we need to do is to take a deep breathe, supress our egos, smile at the adversity and move on. Introspecting myself, I came up with some priceless (often costing nothing) things we can do to cheer up our desperate lives.

1. Let go of floating lanterns with your friends and behold the spectacular sight.

2. Lie down on the grass alone and admire the starry sky.

3. Once in your lifetime, go deep-sea diving and explore the nautical kingdom.

4. Swim with the dolphins and feed them. You will realize how priceless it feels.

Swim With Dolphins

Swim With Dolphins | Source: Minitime

5. Have a snow-ball fight and make snow-angels.

6. Have a “Sun-set” date with your loved one to feel pure magic.

7. Sing loudly in the rain and dance till you drop.

8. Binge watch your favourite TV series gallopping tubs of ice cream.


9. Make a big collage of your photos and get a simple yet elegant catalog shoot done.

10. Have an under-the-sky BBQ party with your family in your backyard.

11.Once in a lifetime experience utter magic and bliss by going to Disneyland or Disney World and be a child again!

12. Get a spectacular view of Northern lights/ Aurora Borealis and realize there is something beyond the cosmic wonder.

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