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Love is the path to enlightenment,
Where two souls rise with power and excitement,
Love is beyond the purity of sages,
Which never dies and ages

Love relationships have always been challenging be it in the times of Romeo-Juliet or You & me; teenage, early adulthood or post-marriage! A desire to keep things going & mind you ‘going-well’ needs ample patience n willingness on all fronts. Go through my idea of relationships before we move ahead…

long-distance-relationship1“For two people to fall in love, a whole lot of subtle stereotyped emotions come into play to evoke rich proportions of feelings that perpetuate depending upon level of mutual understanding and exchange of honey-coated words on the advent of relationship”

Confused ain’t you? 😉 Well that’s the state of COMPLEXITY when two people are miles apart in a so called agreement of “Long Distance Relationship”. When millions of love birdies break up or ‘take a break’, when their counterpart migrates to another tree, there are thousands who continue to fly towards the never-ending horizon of their passionate existence. Never did they know that the idea of a LDR (Long distance relationship) is fairly not as daunting as it seems! Let’s browse through a few ways to simplify the complexity of a long distance relationship.

1.Stay Honest

In a Long distance relationship, one cannot afford distrust to creep in because of sheer negligence and dishonesty. Always tell her/him every important thing of your life. When you are miles away, talking to friends/colleagues of opposite gender is categorized as important. You need not give him/her a parrot repetition, but few important excerpts always do the job J

2.Trust Is Important!

When in doubt, you must clarify to debar your brain from misconceptions. Trust your partner with the whereabouts you are told of, and take care to build a strong trust with a transparent information exchange. But see to it that constant nagging and repeated queries don’t irritate your partner and soil the love relations.

3.Don’t fall out of topic!

This would be the most important point to survive a long distance relationship!When couples move away and ahead in their lives, they tend to limit sharing mainly because of contrasting vicinities and unlike lifestyles. People get busy with jam-packed schedules and fail to find time for daily chit-chat. The key is not to fall out of topic EVER! When you are away, you can very well share your daily happenings, schedules, seek advices, tell about new things, new friends etc. As a matter of fact, you now have added topics of both sides to discuss because of two different lives.

4. Use Technology To Its Best!

a_long_distance_relationship_by_skythewolfdog9-d5qvj5yIn the tech-savvy world of WhatsApp and Facebook, a long distance relationship has had an accelerating push to stay alive. The technology has proved to be a boon for distant lovers, for now, you can enjoy unlimited chats, video chat (Skype), send pictures and what not! Of course, in the fast-paced lives it sometimes is not worth using the precious time for jibber-jabber but the technologies are meant to be extracted to their fullest and it’s your opportunity to make it benefit you!

5.It’s Not Always About Being Physical!

tumblr_inline_mfhv3nd3d91qkjbqfWell, that’s one thing you think you miss the most when in a Long distance relationship. Love relationships at some point of time do need the physical touch to advance into a serious commitment. A Long distance relationship for sure, tests your emotional compatibility and the perseverance to stay physically apart but it actually gives a positive outlook to the fact that the moment, when ‘it’ happens, will genuinely be looked forward to and special indeed for the till-then-emotionally-bonded-couple!

6.Those Little Sacrifices

When you think of spending your valuable time on phone calls and chatting, there are teeny-tiny sacrifices you are bound to make. Instead of giving them a tough name like “sacrifice”, consider that you just have to skip a few unimportant chores for a fulfilling relationship and invest time for a future with your soul-mate. Remember to keep him/her a priority over new acquaintances and not make him/her feel left out in your new life.

7.It’s All About Innovations!

117704_v0_460xRelationships, be it long distance or same city, have the power of becoming mundane and boring unless fueled with fresh romance and innovative ideas. Invent new cheesy nicknames, explore the X-factor of your unique relationship, pull his/her leg, tease each other and play pranks … BECOME BEST FRIENDS! Romancing doesn’t always give you the over-all satisfaction from life, where a best friend and mentor are needed the most at times. Become one for him/her and surely the calendar countdown will take a faster pace!

8. Enjoy Little Pleasures!

When you can’t enjoy every happiness with hugs and cups of coffees, you definitely can celebrate little things to bring life to your relationship. Make a list of anniversaries and make it a point to do something special for each other. Use the colloquial emails, e-cards and postal letters on special occasions to spice up the communication and let the cupid re-strike 😉

9.Plan Enthusiastically!

The bliss of planning to meet can only be experienced by long distance lovers. The long gaps are exasperating enough to make the planning days enjoyable. You can very well plan your outings, do what you missed along the days you were away and savour every moment that brings you close <3

10.Ignore The Haters

With people knowing about the success of your Long distance relationship, there will be real HATERS to tell you that LDRs don’t work! There have been successful Long distance relationship that continue to be happy marriages and there always will be plenty of long distance lovers to prove wrong the influential HATERS. Keep your head held high and be a proud savior of a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!


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