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10 Reasons To Have A Beach Wedding


‘Life is a Beach’, they say. Fortunately, this world has no dearth of spectacular beaches. Right from the white-sand beaches to crystal-clear water beaches, popular to unexplored ones, beaches never disappoint. Therefore, when you want to celebrate one of the most special moments of your life like weddings, do not hesitate to make it a ‘Beachy’ affair. Here’s why you can opt for a beach wedding-


1.    Say “I DO” in a unique way: Weddings are beautiful. Why not take vows for eternity at a place which will etch in your hearts forever? When on beach, get ready to be surprised!

2.    Beach offers a spectacular vista: With love in the breeze and a fabulous view, crystal waters and white sands, setting sun and singing seagulls, chattering guests and lovely bridegroom, floral décor and a charming altar nothing can stop the wedding from becoming one-of-a-kind.


3.    Beach theme is a stylish theme: You can opt for a chic theme or a bohemian theme, vintage theme or classic theme, on a beach everything is stylish and fabulous.

4.    Go Green with beach weddings: Why not make a green difference by choosing an eco-friendly method to celebrate? With natural and floral décor, Go green and be different.


5.    Beach weddings go easy on your pocket: Unlike the swanky ball-rooms and banquet halls, a beach wedding is quite easy on our pockets and helps us to save bucks. PS: Ahoy Grooms-to-be! You can certainly spend those bucks on your princesses! 😉

6.    Sunset, Romance & Him: Nothing beats the classic sunset romantic stroll on the beach. Bask in the mustard hue of love as you take a walk beside your sweetheart along the coast.


7.    A delightful culinary journey: No wedding is complete without lip-smacking food. Good news for the vegetarians as well as the sea-food lovers as they can get fresh, delectable fruits and sea-food delicacies to gorge on!



8.    Lots in store for the guests: Gone are the days when guests just served as mute spectators in the weddings. The beach offers a pleasant vista as well as many other activities like dolphin watching, boating to the guests.Not to forget, the beautiful beach-themed wedding favors they receive.


9.    Seagulls on the shore, dance of the dolphins:  Say goodbye to boredom! Beaches have a rich fauna with many exotic birds and aqua animals. The air is filled with the songs of the seagulls or you may catch the sight of some beautiful fish.

10.    Collecting seashells, collecting memories: While your feet is in the sand and head on your sweetie’s shoulder and bag full of beach souvenirs like shells, do not forget you are making eternal memories that will bring a magical smile on your face…




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