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12 Things we learn on Graduating


No more bunking lectures, no more classes. No more hanging out with friends at night to make projects, no more study dates or pot-luck parties. It’s that time when a wonderful journey of college ends. We go our separate ways or prepare for many entrance exams. It’s that time in our life when epiphany strikes us about many different.

1. Realizing that school friends are the “BFFS”.


2. We fall in love with things we loved as things but hated as teenagers.


3. We make Bucket Lists and yearn to travel the world.


4. The Graduates are in the middle of the crossroads and have no freaking idea what they wanna do in life.


5. The gals want to have a walk-in closet whereas the guys can kill for a magnificent game room.


6. We want to a have a perfect life, perfect physique, perfect love, perfect wedding, perfect career although we have no idea what perfect is!


7. Fall in love with Cartoons all over again.


8. Relate to any particular sitcom character in real life.


9. Realize that parents never bade ill for us.


10. Be mommy’s pet or Daddy’s Princess.

11. We realize that growing up is simply overrated and we should never stop being a kid at heart.


12. Dreams are the most wonderful things that happen to us.



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