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5 Reasons Having Crazy Buddies Is A Blessing


                 “Happiness is………………Meeting a person as wacky as you!!!”

Our lives have those ultimate sparkles called “FRIENDS” and when those friends are crazy, you should consider yourselves blessed..! Adding a dollop of craziness in your otherwise monotonous life are these people whom the Random heads family honors this friendship week. Here’s why having a tinge of wackiness can perk up your life-


1. They make you laugh, roll on the floor and giggle your heart out with or without any reason.
2. Crazy buddies dish out an out-of-the-world advice and come up with wacky solutions for your problems.
3. They make your journey through hell awesome!

BFFs- Partners In Crime

BFFs- Partners In Crime

4. You get the best partners in Crime!
5. last but not the least, they make your life happy and better than ever.





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