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Alternative Careers – Taking the road less traveled.


A few years back an ideal career had a stable government job, a fixed salary, working till retirement with the same company and then a solid retirement plan would back you up.

Then came the Gen R. In a clamor to do all things different and to earn more, this generation is more inclined towards breaking traditional options and gravitating towards the path less trodden. What were considered just hobbies before, are now considered mainstream vocations. Be it the hospitality industry, music, performance arts or media, opportunities in these sectors have a surprising number of takers and with good reason. And with these came into existence the alternative careers.

We need to change how we look at alternate careers. A large chunk of society still has a negative perception towards people who opt to do something different.

A doctor is supposed to practice, a scientist should work in a lab. That is what the society wants us to expect out of ourselves, and that is what most people did up till now. But with more stable households and growing awareness about alternative careers, Gen R has had the liberty to explore the options and do what they truly want, not the expected.

If a person is talented, he/she should not be discouraged from doing what they want to do.

And remember, when you are 40, stuck in a dead-end job, doing what was expected, it is you who has to keep doing that. Not parents, not society, neither any Tom Dick or Harry who came along giving you free career advice.

At the end, it is you who has to live your life, you can either live it doing what you love or what you are expected to love. The choice is yours.





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