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How to woo an Indian Girl ?


The biggest dilemma of an Indian Guy is to approach the girl he likes. Being an Indian, its never easy to impress the girl you have in your mind. And it is not something that you can learn by watching American/British sitcoms, because the girl you are trying to impress is not an American Chic or a British Lady. You need to approach the girl with an Indian mindset. Though there is no algorithm to impress Indian girl, still we have tried to shortlist few points in-order to make things easy for you.

GIVE HER RESPECT & ATTENTION: The most important step to come into her notice. Talk to her with a very soft tone, and keep her at a higher priority than the other girls you know. It is customary when courting an Indian women to show her by actions that are not physical. For instance buying flowers, singing her a song. The gesture might not be romantic, but yes they have to be a little more than just friendship. If you see her sitting alone, you go talk to her, accompany her. Help her out with her problems, without expecting her to like you immediately.

CONFIDENCE: Girls naturally love confident guys. This tip can applied to impress almost every girl. Having a confident attitude will tell the girl that she can depend on you. Believe it or not, but girls do look for these qualities in men. But you need to understand the difference between being confident and being cocky. You don’t have to boastful in the pretext of being confident. NEVER.

CHIVALRY: This might sound old fashioned, but yes if your chivalry is dead, so are your chances of getting the girl you want. Its an age old formula of impressing girls. This just doesn’t mean you have to pay the bill, it also includes opening doors for her, helping her get up and walk down the stairs but at the same time don’t make her thing that she is a dependent on you for everything.
P.S : Better make sure that the girl is interested in you, and is not just using you to get her things done. 😛

SHOW YOUR INTELLECT: Indian society places great importance upon academic excellence and advancement. A girl will relate your intellectual ability directly with your success. But don’t get all ‘Einstein’ while talking because it will just portray you as a boring-geeky nerd. Do discuss your carrier, goals and definitely chat with her about your future as well as hers. The most important point for the guys who don’t really define the image of a ‘Handsome Hunk’, but it doesn’t mean handsome yet dumb guys can be successful in impressing girls.

LOOK GOOD: This is the most important aspect of impressing a girl. Though you might not be a celebrity look alike, or you might look like Uday Chopra(I’m sure you look better than him, ‘cuz if he can score,you have a lot more chances than him 😀 ), the key to attract girl is to dress your best. You don’t have to be wearing Gucci or Armani, but yes a good quality clothing is must. It’s hard to flatter anyone when you’re wearing grease stained, moth eaten clothes.
Here is the guide to dress properly and manage your wardrobe (For Men).

SPEAK WELL: No slangs around girls, a statement you should engrave in your mind. A “Sanskari” Indian girl will hate if you use words that are offensive to anyone. Indian guys tend to use words that are not just to offensive to a particular person, but to his entire family. (If you know what I mean. 😛 ) And I know they have such a hard keeping it under control, so atleast try to minimize it around this girl you like and her friends as well.

FLIRT, but with wits: A little flirting is always necessary inorder to impress a girl. Though you don’t have to use heavy pick-up lines, unlike Americans. It’s quite charming when a man can use nothing but words to give you butterflies. But keep your mind in a proper place, don’t get into vulgarity or don’t use offensive words complementing her physically. Keep it sweet and simple.

SHOW YOUR HUMOROUS SIDE: A guy with who can make a girl laugh is definitely much more attractive than the one who just makes boring conversations. Small jokes, even the cheesy ones are good to go, when you are around this girl. But don’t try to become Kapil Sharma, making jokes on every sentence she utters, because you might end up insulting her. And often such attempts show that you are trying hard to get her attention. Yes you are, but you don’t have to show this off to the person in front of you.

YOU ARE THE MAN: Unlike men, women are not attracted to just muscular men and killer looks. So it comes as a relief to all those who are not celebrities and bodybuilders (Most of us).  Show her that you feel yourself to the alpha male, no kidding but as mentioned above confidence is the key to impress her. Take her like you deserve her, not like you are asking her a favor.


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