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You know you have to see a dentist when…



1. Pain: Pain in your tooth, especially at night, is a sure shot indication that you should visit a dentist. There are no two opinions on that.


2. Black spot on teeth: No matter how many times you brush your teeth in a day,once you notice black spots on them, go to a dentist.


3. Getting food stuck in your teeth: if you need a toothpick after every meal, get it checked.

4. Bad breath: Foul odours from mouth could be due our dentist can evaluate and deduce the right cause.


5. Bleeding while brushing: If you spit up blood after brushing, chances are that your gums are bleeding.

6. Swelling: Any swelling of gums or your cheeks should be checked up. It could be because of dental infections.

7. Sensitivity: If every time you eat something hot or cold makes you hold your jaw and grunt in pain, Please see a dentist.

8. Moving/Loose teeth, missing teeth

9. Burning cheeks: Burning of cheeks on eating spicy food, can be due to onset of ulcers.

10. Every six months: This goes without saying that you should visit dental office once in six months.





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