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Reasons to visit Santorini Islands


White sand beaches, exotic locales, architectural ruins, unique culinary delights and lots of history is what that defines Santorini. Apart from being a wonderful holiday destination, it is also one of the most preferred isles to live on after retirement. One can never get enough of Greece and its picturesque beauty. To visit Santorini is to visit heaven on earth. Here are 10 reasons as to why it should have a place in your bucket-list:
1. Santorini is known for its exotic locales and natural flora. The fun one can have on the sandy beaches is superb. Not just that, the beaches with warm white sand and white rocks add to the glimmer of this location.
2. Every crack and crevice of these ruins is filled with stories! Greece has a rich heritage and culture. The legend of Greek Gods and Goddesses is well-known throughout the world.
3. People in Greece are full of life. They love to celebrate. Of course all must have heard the term: ‘A Big Fat Greek Wedding” where lots of customs are involved adding more chutzpah!
4. Mouth-watering Food and desserts in the local shacks
5. Wine tasting Festivals on a periodic intervals
6. Olives and olive lovers have a clandestine love affair
7. Have a rich religious experience with many utopian churches
8. Shop till you drop at the local markets
9. Bring home many ‘Exotic Memories’ and relive them when sad.




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