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Six Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding


Tired of the same , mundane weddings where bride-groom complete the rituals in the same old boring halls with traditional meals attended by a slew of guests who come, bless, eat and go? Not anymore! Change is the new flavour this season and its not just the wedding venues but even food, clothes and all the important things have undergone a sea change. Destination Weddings have caught the fancy of many where people opt for various exotic places to say “I Do”.  Following are the reasons to skip and hop to different places to start your new journey:


Marriage by Leland Francisco on Flickr

1. Uniqueness:
Marriage is a wonderful thing. To etch it in our hearts by making it memorable is our duty! By ensuring that the venue is some exotic location like a sandy-warm beach or a lush park, You add that “much-needed” uniqueness to your special Do!

2.  Make it a “Wow-ding”:
You get married only once. Why not start this journey somewhere totally wow…!

3. Glitzy Do:
By having a destination wedding, you add a lot of zing, elan and chutzpah to your D’Day.

4. Eternally Blissful:
You get to experience an eternal bliss in the exotic locales with your special someone and climb on top of the world. Bask in the love and glee and rejoice the moment.


Photo by Dmitri Markine | dmitrimarkine.com [CC BY 3.0 ] via Wikimedia Commons

5. Diverse Culture:
You have the time of your life by experiencing an entirely new culture, traditions, food, drinks. You just feel different and good.

6. Making Memories:
By marrying on exotic islands, sandy beaches or the green park, you make eternal memories.




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