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How To Take Care Of Your Teeth!


Bad teeth might be one of your biggest nightmare, and of your family too. There are infinite number of reasons to take care of your teeth and not just for the sake of avoiding tooth aches and gum problems. Being able to chew for good nutrition and of course for a sparkling smile.  A new research suggests that gum diseases can give way to many other problems in the body, including increased risk of heart disease.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep your teeth strong and healthy whether you are old or young. Here’s how:

  • Brush twice a day:  Once in the Morning once at Night! You don’t sleep in muck don’t let your teeth sleep in it either.
  • Change the way you use your Brush: Brush your teeth by bringing it from top to bottom in a vertical fashion, not in horizontal left-right-left technique!
    All you do is push food particles deeper in between your teeth.
  • Take lots of Vitamin C: Citrus fruits keep your teeth white.
  • Cut on Sugar and Carbohydrates: They are not just responsible for your tummy fat but also your rotting teeth, EAT HEALTHY.
  • Visit your Dentist regularly: Once every 6 months, semiannually!
    Your teeth need to be taken care of.





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