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Ti Amo, Roma! – 1


There is something mysteriously magical about Rome, The City Of Love, that you simply can’t put it down. The atmosphere there is a concoction of all the emotions with a hint of grace and rustic charm. A lot has been said about it being a priceless treasure found in Italy…The Roman Baths, The Churches and Cathedrals, The Roman Battles and Roman Fountains and lores, all have been a constant inspiration to thousands of artists and poets across the globe..
Here’s the Itinerary you can put your hands on blindly, dishing out the fantastic of the fantastic places which carve a niche into every single heart…


Trevi Fountain

Hotels:- One needs to check in into a hotel for a long time if he truly wants to experience the beauty of Rome. It is necessary that the place should provide you with solace after your tiring days of adventure. At the same time they need to be pocket-friendly!! Here’s a list that will cater to all the needs-

Portrait Suites: The word ” Opulence” comes to your mind the moment you step inside the hotel. The patrons when interviewed said that it was a heaven on earth. The Staff treats you more like a family than a guest and the feel in the hotel is that of a personal apartment. The rooms are luxurious and the food especially cappachino is to die for! Breakfast on terrace is a common practice. One can always start his day by savoring the tasty breakfast basing in the fresh, raw sunlight. If you are all yes for luxury and don’t mind spending big bucks, GO For IT!!!
Price Range: $$$$

Potrait suits orig

Portrait Suites

Villa Spalletti Trivelli: Situated in the Heart of Rome, Vila Spilletti Trivella is a comfortable yet a luxurious place where one can unwind after his expeditions! What adds to it’s charm is it’s picturesque and aristocratic structure. The hotel has many beautiful antiques in it’s large foyer and has a private little exquisite Italian garden, sumptuous food and homely rooms and an energy bar where one can always leave behind all his worries and woes. The patrons have loved this place and many couldn’t stop talking about their great experience.It’s luxury and location adds brawny points to this lovely place making it one of the sought-after hotels.
Price Range: $$$$

Villa spalliti triveli

Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Welrome Hotel: When expectation meets Reality, there is no bound to glee. Here, the guests can’t stop beaming as this little boutique hotel is pocket-friendly and does not compromise on hospitality and cleanliness. The owners are lovely and make their guests feel at home. The rooms are comfortable and clean and the hotels provide you with city maps. It is centrally located near rail station. If you want value for money,this place is the one! Kudos to the owners Mary and Carlos for keeping hospitality on top of their list and kudos to your choice if you choose this simple yet sweet place.
Price Range: $

Hotel Welrome

Welrome Hotel

Vatican view: One special thing about this hotel is that it is located near St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican  Museums. The hotel has modern elegant ambiance. True to it’s name, you can view all these structures from this hotel. The food is terrific and so is the customer service and the staff. The view is great and people have a memorable experience. The hospitality is wonderful and the rooms are cozy and clean. A suitable place if you want to stay near the Basilica. This place is a value for money..
Price Range: $$

Vatican View

Vatican view

Albergo Del Senato: This place is all about location. One is charmed by it’s aristocratic elegance and wonderful hospitality. The patrons loved it’s view and considered it as the best choice to stay and have wonderful memories. We can walk upto the legendary Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps and Piazza Navona. This makes it even more irresistible. The rooms are comfortable and luxurious. The staff is pleasant and helping. It is one of the most preferred hotel in Rome. One will be happy to stay here as this place radiates luxury and bonhomie at the same time. Three cheers to this place and innumerable cheers for it’s location and view….
Price Range: $$$

Albergo Del Senato

Albergo Del Senato

Tariff explained-
$$$$:Expensive,digs a hole in your pocket.
$$$:Moderately Expensive,yet not a delight to your wallet.
$$:Affordable,Value for Money.
$:Cheap and Affordable,spend the saved amount on your wife/girlfriend. 😀

Coming up next : The Food and Shopping destinantions to let yourself loose.. 😉




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