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Image SOURCE: http://rejuvenationmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Corruption_1.jpg


One day I met this man.
Good looking, Character a sham
He told me he could help
That I should sit down and watch this whelp.
“My reach” he said “Is very large
Sit back, watch the fun.
Your job will be done .
Though you’ll have to pay the fee.
Add a little amount for sweets and ghee.”
I paid the fee, added a little for the snack.
Having done with that I went back.
Next day my work was done
it was time for some fun.
Next time I had some work i went directly to him.
He asked for the fee with some bling.
I was outraged .
It was a large amount.
Fast and faster his demands had begun to mount.
For next work he crossed the limit.
Where this was going, I could see it.
It was something way above the fee
How could I gift him a Ferrari?
Angry and dejected I returned home.
My mind to memories,had begun to roam.
Now I saw my fault in paying extra the first time.
But it was too late for me to be crying.
So I warn you not to make my mistake.
Avoid corruption for your own sake.




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