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While passing through a road running through a posh urban colony, my mother exclaimed “Ah! Look at these huge mansions. Ain’t these wealthy people happy to own it? “And thus began our in-the-car family conversation on the real meaning of happiness. Does a luxurious living in exquisite bungalows and grunt of imported cars account for happiness? Certainly Not!


A clear misconception prevalent in the minds of youngsters has far become their sole ambition and made them turn a blind eye to the concept of happy living. The gen-X is overwhelmed by the fantasy of luxury and is tremendously focused on materialistic pleasure, leaving no room in stoned hearts for spiritual upliftment and positive outlook. The robotic living which is widespread in the present world like a deadly academic is misperceived by the present generation as a boon to help them lead a comfortable living.  If the bright-boy-next door gets a 6-digit-salary-12-hour job, the whole neighborhood sings praises for him, uninterested in knowing important job features like working hours, job satisfaction and quality of life.

The bright-boy-next-door, who is made to believe from infancy, in greed and money-games, is basking in the delight of appreciation and is never taught the importance to look beyond the realms of worldly pleasures and materialistic assets. The bright boy slogs for years ever after and there comes a time when his control over his own money shifts to the point of money controlling him. He is regularly enslaved by the MNC he’s working in and the company targets pose health challenges on his personality. He works over time for holiday bonuses and in a span of few years succumbs to the strenuous lifestyle. Doesn’t the saying seem apt for millions of such bright-boys-next-door, “Dead at 30 and buried at 70”?

frustration-of-debt-and-back-to-workThe glory of one’s own time with thyself and family is lost by working for pleasing the bosses and disregarding one’s own peace, leisure and happiness. What the amateur unproductive professionals fail to realize is that the unexpectedly deteriorating vigor in the society is a grave outcome of poor lifestyle! The sought after 12 hour jobs for sure guarantee enough money, but snatches away the bliss of soul. Visit a metropolitan city and you are sure to see unenthusiastic and dreary people, frustrated with their professional lives, traveling monotonously for miles to reach their work-place.  The worst impact of this hectic schedule is on health of the worker who is made to sit in air conditioned office and survive on fast food and coffee.

A recent survey illustrated that 89% of corporate professionals have a serious deficiency of vitamin-D, which the body absorbs only from the sunlight. People work indoors, day in and day out, without letting the refreshing golden sunrays replenish the vitamin-D level. The plush buildings reflect a modern insight to the hi-tech world but are a serious hazard for the professionals who don’t realize what the deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals can do to the human body. With a hefty bank balance and big house, but plethora of diseases attacking after working for 10 years in inconducive atmosphere, the person will not only lose the job satisfaction but also the “satisfaction of life” in deeply woven cycle of ill-health, blase attitude, unacceptance and dejection.

mispercived-happinessThen starts the blame-game and chastisation at work-place leading to bitter relations and flushed egos. Let’s not criticize the MNC jobs on the whole but calmly re-consider the potential lifestyle hazards it may pose and adopt self-check practice on a regular basis. Well the secret to be remembered always is “The more you stay away from nature, more the harm you will do to yourself”. A healthy mind works efficiently only when it is fueled with rejuvenating oxygenated air to boost the metabolism and complemented with a perfect amalgam of nutritious food and positive thoughts.

The professionals can take “walk-breaks” to water cooler, choose to use staircase over elevator, introspect body posture and find time for daily workout. All in all, life-long happiness is never your pride for a big house and car, but a comfortable living with a balance of mental, financial, physical and spiritual well being. Believe me it always will be a fairer deal to choose a job that gives you a promising lifestyle rather than one which tortures the soul out of you. After all, you are not meant to risk the partnership of your precious life with the devilish money and put yourself in virtual state of ‘Misperceived Happiness!’




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