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“We want equal rights for women”, “Treat women with respect”, “End of discrimination” are few of the many slogans displayed on placards after few of the many heinous crimes against women are unveiled in public. These voices despite having a feminist motive against sexism fail to make any countable difference to the alarming rates of sex maniacs in the society. Yes! ‘Maniacs’ is what I would call them for being a curse on feminine dignity and a cause of constant reprehension of the fairer sex.

IMG_5947 by openDemocracy on Flickr used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.(CC BY-SA 2.0)

       Feminism is a practice that inculcates the desire to fight gender in-discrimination while Sexism is sheer dominance of one gender over the other. The roots of every feminist movement lies in the backdrop of a sexist behavior and even then we consider the two subjects contrary to each other.Ask any woman in her twenties about  incidents related to sexism seen or heard or in worse cases experienced, the reply would be a discomforting ‘yes’. And yet we sing praises of our Indian constitution for granting us all the boon of fundamental rights with the highlight being ‘right to equality’. In many countries, where women are often objectified to personify sexism, few countries do have strict laws to ban discriminate advertising that supports treatment of women as objects. Be it pornography, prostitution or advertising, sexism is by far reflected in many spheres and yet we demonstrate on monuments with candle marches, falsely self-assuring our gullible minds to have brought a virtual change in society.

Woman by aeneastudio on Flickr used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Woman by aeneastudio on Flickr used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

     After the stir created by the Nirbhaya rape case, India wept in dejection and elicited grief across the nation for months to follow. Sexism was practiced at stupendous levels by the rapists and this did lead to feminism following the crime. But unnoticed went the umpteen cases which did not happen in posh areas of South Delhi. One day in newspaper and the existence apparently lost the next day. In Indian states like UP and Bihar, where a decently dressed girl considers herself fortunate to have returned home, inviting only unwanted eve teasing and stares instead of getting harassed and raped like her so-and-so friend and acquaintance, the crime rates are so high that the journalists are tired of republishing the same incidents with different names and the readers have stopped raising their eyebrows. These states produce the highest numbers of civil servants and IITians every year and still have the darkest secrets which are purposely concealed by the authorities. The feminism in such unpopular cases has mundanely confined to the few active NGOs and social groups giving rise to a strengthened courage on the part of free roaming criminals. This unfortunately is another form of Sexism  resulting out of weakened feminist groups.

     The government and the judiciary which boasts equal importance to all the citizens, is never guilty of accelerating or retarding the process of trial on the basis of social upheaval. Where there are cries and uproars the case becomes the priority and a ‘fastrack’ case while a village rape case is hushed after embarrassing whispers in four walls of a room. A nation with vast untapped potential in youngsters, laments recurringly to see the twin faced society with hypocrisy deep inside the system. Well, still we sing songs of gender equality and call ours an unbiased society. The society which we are a part of is one which cannot see the fine line where sexism ends and feminism begins. Blame the hypocrites, blame the government, blame the psychopaths, you still will be at a loss to control the misshapennings of the scene holistically!




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  1. Max Arthur says:

    Sadly, we still have a long way to go towards equality.

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