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The long lost meaning of Indian Mythologies


The Indian mythologies- Ramayana & Mahabharata, an integral companion of every granny’s leisure time is perceived by millions as exact replica of historical events of earlier times. Undoubtedly, Valmikhi and Ved Vyas did a splendid job in penning down the stories but most people along the generations have failed to comprehend the true purpose behind the legendary epics.

paaa003_episode_ramayanaThe Ramayana and Mahabharata, written by enlightened personalities was meant to be a, let’s say book of “do’s and don’ts ” for people centuries back. In a law-less society the steps taken by these writers was to impart ethical sense to the people through these books. Children were made to understand the stories keenly and make allusions from them. When there was no parliament and no constitution these books became important guidelines in every step of a person’s life. The simple yet thought provoking facts made common people believe the existence of mythological characters and seek inspirations from them. The aim of the knowledgeable saints was to tactfully extract facts of the past and combine them with their own stupendous imagination to make the combo of fiction and non-fiction more appealing. It was probably not important for the saints back then, to justify the non credibility of the added fiction in the books, as far as the stories fulfilled the desired purpose of preaching. Had the wise saints not included visible facts like Rama Setu, Kurukshetra etc. the common man would have mocked at the stories calling them amusing folklore with no moral base. Had these holy books not had indisputable facts these would have got lost somewhere in the dusty cobweb book shelves of a random deserted library. The common man wouldn’t have worshiped them had they been a series of monotonous legal clauses.

ramayana2Not just the mythologies, even the Upanishads and Purans contain innumerable soul stirring sayings which are somehow underestimated in the present scenario giving rise to a soul-deteriorating shallow population. People now have succumbed to short-cuts of worshiping having no sense whatsoever to spiritually uplift the younger lot. When the elders themselves use cell phones during daily prayers, nobody can expect the kids to be spiritually awaken. Had the elders thoughtfully been applying the sayings practically in their lives, the so called “Kalyug” would never have occurred!

KurukshetraTaking an example of idol worship, it is believed since time memorial that idol worship is accompanied by offering flowers and other organic materials to the god. Without trying to know the true reason behind this common practice, people still follow it blindly. This ritual was made to keep the common man fit! Sounds weird, isn’t it? When centuries back, it was impossible to make people understand the concept of staying healthy, the saints had incorporated this simple practice in daily prayers and saw to it that temples were built outside the villages. This was done to motivate the people to go the woods in search of organic materials to offer to the idols and then walk for miles to reach the temple. This way in the name of god, the saints announced many such practices keeping in mind, the physical well being of people.


Had the school curriculum of children now included these ethical preachings, there wouldn’t have been flowers stalls outside the temples because then people would have known the idea that was once formed behind these practices. The true essence of walking in a serene environment to go the temple is now lost by polluting vehicles aiding in reaching the destination. The idea of searching flowers and organic substances in woods is nowhere in existence when people now get the same just outside the temple. The prayers have lost their true meaning with everything becoming commercialized. The temples have become a place of utter chaos giving no inner peace to the worshipers. With  spirituality fading miserably in the present lives, there would soon be a society of unwise,  insensitive but  intellectual minds in a tech savvy world!!





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