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10 Reasons Why Apple Should Be Scared Of Xiaomi


Xiaomi Mi3 has been officially launched in India few days back and the carts were sold out within minutes of launch, as expected. But what makes Xiaomi a.k.a “The Apple of China” different from other products that are labelled “Made In China” and why this particular smartphone minor has given sleepless nights to all tech-majors across the globe including the American giant Apple which had created a similar revolution few years back under the guidance of Steve Jobs. Here are the 10 reasons why Apple fears this Chinese smartphone company.

  1. Xiaomi is a 2010 launched start up and has already taken over the share of Apple in China’s smartphone market.
  2. Believed to have a strategy opposite to Apple, the company aims at making minimum profit from hardware sales, rather aims at after-sale cost recovery, like Amazon Kindles via e-books.
  3. Mi3 comes with specs that can give an Apple smartphone run for its money. Priced at 1/3rd of the cost of an iPhone, Apple will have a good time explaining the steep economic disparity.
  4. Xiaomi follows a no-nonsense and no-arrogance policy. The well know “Apple Dictatorship” has already started repulsing the customers in the recent few years, with steep prices and restricted connectivity. Recalling the statement of Steve Jobs, when he was asked by users that holding their phones in a certain way killed their reception and his reply was “Just avoid holding it that way.” Good Luck surviving in a volatile market with that attitude.
  5. When launched in 2013, the phone had sold 100,000 Mi3s in just 86 seconds, and no they were not just giving them away. Indian launch saw the same scenario with Flipkart going out of stock within an hour of starting its sale.
  6. Its Chinese, we all know them for being Technocrats, with cut throat competition and their quest for innovation is never going to end. On the contrary Apple has a lag-and-lazy-policy. No customizations, No design refreshments it continues to be a typical iPhone since its launch, well that is what makes it a Apple product, but how long can it survive?
  7. The company is on a hiring spree. With Google’s former VP Hugo Barra moving to Xiaomi, there is no doubt we will soon see officials from Apple, Microsoft and other tech-giants moving to the Chinese Superbrand.
  8. Apple has fallen into the category of being “Just Another Smartphone Maker” by launching multiple smartphones in the market and cheaper versions.
  9. Xiaomi is a company that actually takes input from its customers and allowes maximum user customization, whereas Apple believes in a “We Know The Best” policy, minimizing users’ role in development and modifications. Xiaomi uses a micro-blog to ensure its connectivity with the customers and to get their inputs, which the Apple counterpart would never consider.
  10. There is no Steve Jobs to revive Apple this time. Back in 1996-97 he was the savior but sadly he is no more, and there is not going to be another for sure. So Xiaomi has little to worry about the charisma of Steve because their founder Lei Jun is no less, and Apple now has a man to fear, a fear they should embrace because the world is going gaga over the new Xiaomi toy.

The only factor of worry for Xiaomi is the high demand and to keep their foot grounded at the times of heavy demand, but China being a country of e-industries and manufacturers this factor might be fictitious.

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