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Dota : A game of chess


The recently held Dota 2 TI 5 Championship had a prize pool of $18 million. Yes, you read that right. That is how popular the game has become.

What started off as a mod for Warcraft 3 has now become one of the most popular online strategy games of all time.

The game comprises of just one map, and 2 teams of five players each are given the task to defend their own part of the map, at the heart of which lies the Ancient. The team which destroys the ancient of the other team triumphs. The players have to choose from a whopping 107 heroes each having its own unique set of ability.


The strategy of the game lies in the selection of heroes and the approach one takes in the realisation of the game. And also the choice of item purchase plays a big part in the strength of the heroes. Once engaged, it can keep you in its charm for 3-4 hours per day or even more, not kidding.

The popularization of the game led to the opening of championship matches and consequently “The International” came into picture. TI edition 1 was announced with a prize of $1 million for the winning team and everyone was like, holy ****. And that’s when it garnered huge attention by the gaming community. It is held every year, and the matches take place inside a theater of some sort, but with more screens and a huge fan following cheering their team up. I think I have only seen such thing in sport matches held in a stadium. I can’t believe eSports has risen so high ! It’s about time it needs to taken seriously like never before and confirm its own niche in the industry.

Be a part of the family i.e Dota !




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