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Hello Mobile Operators, this is Whatsapp Calling!


So finally its here, and its live. Whatsapp has finally decided to roll out the voice calling feature for all the its Android user, all you have to do is update. But wait there is catch, read on!

It took around six years for Whatsapp to actually do something shown in its logo.

There have been multiple apps in the past, that allowed the voice calling feature, to list a handful we had Viber, Skype, Line and many more. But the trump card of Instant Messaging never bothered to get into any such competition till now, but finally its in the game, and not just in the game, but its winning it. The calling feature of Whatsapp ┬áis efficient, as well as quick. Tested on a Cyanogenmod 11OS, there was bit of a lag, of about 0.5s, but apart from the that, the calling is quick, doesn’t drop easily and the quality is clear and crisp.


So to get this feature on your Android smartphone, you have to get the latest version of the application from the Play Store, but there is a catch, as mentioned above. “You need an Invite.” By this, it means you need to know someone who already have this feature activated on their smartphones. So good luck finding them, but going by Whatsapp’s popularity, its almost guaranteed that the feature will be open to everyone in no time.

So this might be a blow to the telecom operators, who have already lost a major share of their profits because of Whatsapp messenger, and soon they might lose the calling customers to Voice-over-Internet application. In the mean time, enjoy calling your friends and acquaintances without worrying about how much balance you might lose. Happy Calling.




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2 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    Finally ending to other apps like line, wechat,etc. Though viber will always be used. Now waiting for this whatsapp features to start early on iOS device.

  2. Riya Bajaj says:

    Nice feature it is in reality, I’m saving $50 per week by using WhatsApp calling feature, it’s just a blessing for me.

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