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How to install windows from a bootable USB device?

As computers are become smaller,CD and DVD drives are becoming obsolete.
Here are are a few steps in which you can make a bootable pendrive(USB).
Materials required :
  1. The installer CD/DVD of your Windows OS,
  2. Pendrive with a capacity greater than the size of your installer CD/DVD.
 Perform the following steps:
  1. Go to start menu,search “cmd”.
  2. Right click “cmd”,Select Run as Administrator
    A new Black window opens
  3. Write diskpart.You will see a new line,with the command diskpart.
  4. Write the following commands.
    • list disk
      you will see all the available disks to you.Identify your pendrive by looking at the size of the disk.(In screenshot size of pendrive = 30GB(actual size 32GB)
    • select disk 1
      number is the number in front of your disk.
      (in screen shot pendrive is disk 1)
    • list disk
      It shows that your pendrive has been selected as a disk( * sign in front of disk 1) .
    • clean
      It removes all the existing partitions from the disk
    • create partition primary
      creates a primary partition of the size of your pendrive.
    • select partition 1
      select the partition 1 ( primary partition of your pendrive)
    • active
    • format fs=ntfs quick
      formats the pendrive
    • assign
      assign the drive letter to the partition.
    • exit
      exit the screen.

  5. Again open cmd as administrator from the start search.
    write the following commands

    • cd\
    • G:
      it is the drive letter assigned to CD/DVD of your Windows installer.(Can be seen from my computer)
    • cd boot
    • bootsect.exe /nt60 i:
      i: is the drive letter assigned to the pendrive you want to make bootable.

    Make sure you always run cmd as administrator,else you will get an error while bootsect.exe /nt60 i:

  6. Finally copy all the files from the CD to the pendrive as it is.
  7. Now restart your computer
  8. Go to the boot device menu at the time of startup by pressing appropriate function key(F12).
  9. You are good to go,your pendrive will happily serve as the new bootable device for your computer.Article originally published by same author at Widgetiser .




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