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The All New Android L Launched: Whats New?


Following the alphabetical order, Android has launched its new operating system after KitKat, that is Android L. What ‘L’ turns out to be? Its still a mystery.

android_l_devices_googleUnveiled on June 25th at Google I/O Developers Conference only for developers (for commercial release we have to wait till late 2014), Android L takes bits from iOS and previous Android Flavors. The new Android is undoubtedly cleaner, crispier and sharper. The UI has been modified and the theme now looks and feels lighter, and so is on under use. Google is referring these changes of a part of the new ‘Materialistic Design’. Other cosmetic modifications include the Notification Menu, Lock Screen and the Navigation Buttons. The trademark Navigation System of 3 buttons, used by Android which consists of Return Key, Home Screen Key and the Recent Apps Key have also been modified. It now looks inspired by the Sony PlayStation Gaming Console ( DUAL-SHOCK ).


Materialistic Design

The graphics have been intellectually simplified giving the entire console a cleaner look. The Notification area and other miscellaneous windows get a floaty appearance when dragged along. This Android release particularly emphasizes on the illusion of depth and shadows, which in no way looks clumsy or complicated.

On the insides, Android L boasts about a new feature i.e A Trusted Environment. When phone detects it is in a trusted environment it will automatically disable the lock screen. The will be decided on the basis of the presence of a trusted Bluetooth Device such a smart-watch or maybe some specific WiFi access points. In addition to this it will be able to handle battery requirement in a much efficient manner by throttling data exchange and app behavior.

Another handy feature of this release is that it can handle a dual nature. You don’t have to worry about the hassles of separating you personal and work life.¬†Essentially your device can have separate business and personal data without them getting lumped together relieving you of the hassles and the worries. This feature can be applied universally to all the apps without any updates or separate installations .

The Live Feature Can be experienced in the Video Below.

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