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Just Pin It!


‘Pinning’ is the new IT word of the social scenario. Gone are the days when liking, commenting, blocking, un-following etc. ruled the roost. Today, Networking sites offer visual stimulation and new ideas to make our lives as glitzy as possible.

Now the burning question is: “Can our life be as pretty as a Pinterest Board?”. Of course, it can be. The freshness and the swirls of enthusiasm that we feel when we come across a photo of a picture-perfect scenery, a mouth-watering dish or a magical place with oodles of mystique, is totally awesome. From Lifestyle to Food, from part ideas to home decors, from food to travel, Pinterest offers it all!

pinterest designs

Pinterest looks more like a sophisticated Instagram

1. Eye-Candy:  Well, aren’t we bored easily nowadays? Pinterest is a perfect eye-candy to pep up our moods. With all the picture-perfect pins or boards, we can see a variety of photos.

2. New cost-effective ideas: “Ideas can change life”, true to this saying, Pinterest offers myriad ideas regarding decors, products, gardening, party ideas, wedding card ideas, that we can adopt and have a fabulous life at a not-so-expensive cost.

3. Methodical with visuals: Want to cook a dish that has been appealing you? Or Plant a tree in your kitchen garden? Wanna re-decorate your home? Or have Landscaping ideas? Well, Pinterest diy’s explain it step-by-step along with pictures.

skyscrapers pinterest

You will never run out of boards to follow, there are multiple boards for your interests.

4. Independent and Beautiful: No need to depend on anyone or hire a professional to make changes at your home or implement new ideas or even decide wedding themes! With lots of DIY ideas, we can mix glamour with creativity.

5. One-of-a-kind Lifestyle: “Stand out in a crowd, be different, set new rules and be a trend-setter”. With Pinterest, we can have ideas that were never thought of before. Have a one-of-a kind lifestyle!


When creativity meets magic, Pinterest happens.

Thought Pinterest has been around for quite a long time, it is gradually picking up its pace because of its relatively fresh content and newer prospects. Adding to this Pinterest doesn’t try to manipulate your feed as Facebook does, nor is it just for smartphone users like Instagram is and it lets you share links with those beautiful pins embedded in it. So its more like a win-win situation for the people who are frustrated of Facebook  and other social networks and are looking for newer social horizons, so happy pinning.




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