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Samsung #Galaxy11 : The Beginning



Soccer the most watched and the most played sport across the globe is the idea behind the latest ad campaign of Samsung Galaxy devices.Signing up with the worlds best and the most acclaimed football players,what is Samsung planning trying to prove???That would be the question most of us want the answers to.


So the video reveals that Earth has been challenged for a game of soccer by the Aliens (Seriously???),our planet is at stake,because whoever wins this football match gets the ownership of our planet ,so Franz Beckenbauer has kindly agreed to assemble an elite team to beat the invaders and save mankind.(These eleven players of the team relate to eleven devices of the Galaxy flagship.Surprised??I’m not)


Lionel Messi chosen as the captain,the team brings together various football greats from all over the world.So will our favorite football starts be able to save us by winning a match of football (I know it sounds dumb!),and what would follow The Beginning??

Lets wait and watch.

P.S:Don’t fall for the lamest ever ad campaign,all the even players stand for some Galaxy Device and our earth is as safe as it always was.I’m sure if we are ever challenged by aliens,it would be something much bigger than just a game of soccer.




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