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Tablet Battlefield: Nexus 9 vs Nokia N1


Few days after Microsoft decided to dissolve the Nokia brand name from the smartphone market, Nokia decided to gear up and enter the tablet arena, by launching Nokia N1, an Android based tablet which first of its kind from the Finnish Multinational. The deal with Microsoft forbids Nokia from producing any smartphones under its brand name until December 2015, hence the only viable step would have been to enter the tablet market. On the other hand, Google’s well established Nexus brand name had rolled out Nexus 9 in association with HTC.

Nokia chief Ramzi Haidamus said that the Nokia Brand is important and its diminishing value was a cause of concern. And this is an essential step to regain the lost value.

Nokia N1

© Nokia Technologies | Source

Design and Screen

Nokia N1 is nothing but an iPad clone in this department, on the first look it is hard to differentiate between the two. Good Luck dealing with law suits from Apple. LOL! It shines a 7.9in screen with a PPI of 326 while Nexus 9 has a 8.9in display with 281 PPI, no doubt Nokia is crisp.

The Tech-specs:

Though much hasn’t been revealed about N1, the specs will be pretty much the same at the time of release. It houses a 2.3GHz Intel Atom processor, with a 5,300 mAh power house. The RAM will be 2GB and the storage bundled is 32GB. On the other hand Nexus 9  has a 2.3 GHz processor, and the storage varies at 16 or 32 GB while the RAM remains the same. Nexus 9 trumps the power section with a significantly higher battery of 6,700mAh. Both the tablets are Android tablets, with an upto date version of Lollipop 5.0, Nexus having an advantage of Stock Android!

© Google INC. and HTC Corporation

© Google INC. and HTC Corporation


N1 has played smart in the camera section, with 8MP rear lens and a 5MP front camra, but lacks a flash, on the other hand Nexus 9 has a flash featured 8MP rear camera and a 1.6 MP front camera. Not really for selfie enthusiasts.


Nexus 9 is priced at a tag of USD 399 and USD 479 for 16GB and 32GB respectively. The expected price of Nokia N1 is estimated to be USD 249. So if this turns out to be true, Nokia will have a slight edge in this department.

But, Nokia will be only available to the market from the first quarter of 2015, so till then Nexus 9 can safely sit at the top spot. Nexus is an official Google device, which has been reigning the tablet arena since long (considering Android tablets only, hence ruling out iPad for now), it might be difficult for Nokia to drive sales, since N1 is it’s first ever Android tablet. So, if specs and design are the general concerned N1 seems like a worthy competitor to Nexus 9, at least theoretically. But due to the declining tablet market, this won’t be an easy comeback for Nokia.

Have a look at this video by TotalTechWar.




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