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Wearable Technology : A step into the future


Though Wearable Technology isn’t a new concept but its feasible application has been brought into practice in the recent few years. An era of computing where the size of smartphones is increasing with a rate greater than the population explosion, wearable computer might come as a relief to all those who are not really a big enthusiasts of the hefty smartphones and tablets.

A wearable gadget can vary from a smartwatch to smartgoggles, and from a health monitor to a database manager. A small chip embedded in your body can work wonders, and this is indeed a dream come true. The recent few development in this area of technology can prove how much potential this field has buried inside it and can open mines of development opportunities for the tech-giants.

Considering the neat little toy form the tech-major, Google…that is Google GLASS. This gadget is precisely a smartphone which actually can be worn as spectacles. Capable of understanding voice commands and physical gestures you can swipe through menus using an inbuilt touchpad. Be it recording videos, clicking pictures, sending mails or making phone calls, and whether you are on a drive, a walk or may be on a roller coaster, GLASS can assist you anywhere, anytime. Everything can be done hands free without even making any movements, Remarkable.

Then there are gadgets which can assist us on a daily basis like smart-watches,mobile-voice assisted GPS. These gadgets are not only useful in the core technological areas, they can also be utilized in medical as well as accounting departments. From Heart-Rate to blood-sugar monitors and from surveillance systems to tracking devices, widgets are becoming smaller and handier.Various sport enthusiast have been quite excited with the launch of smart-shoes or we can say shoes that assist our activites,for best results.The amount of calories burnt and the clock the distance we have covered while jogging or running.These tech-bits might be look simpler but are quite an impression if we consider the tedious and complicated devices which actually are still in practice,like treadmills or various health monitoring equipments.

Though this is just the beginning, but with constant up gradation of design methodology and shrinking size of electronics, we can soon expect gadgets which can be infused with our existing body structure, and in no time devices from our favorite sci-fi movies will be out in reality into our hands.  KUDOS.





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