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What’s New with The ‘N’


The upcoming Android 7.0 which is expected to be released during Q3 this year made a surprising appearance on 9th of March with its developer preview. Google has released this developer preview for the recent Nexus Devices and also for Pixel C. An elaborate version of the same will be seen during the Google I/O 2016 which is 2 months away. Enthusiasts can play around with the developer preview till then to dig around and find out what’s new and improved compared to the previous version of Android.

The ‘N’ew !

Dark Mode/Night Mode

This feature was also seen in the developer’s preview of Android M but was removed in the official release. Although this time it is ready to roll with an enhanced set of options. This setting can be seen under the System UI settings which can be accessed the same way as before. The night mode can be toggled with a touch and in auto mode it triggers automatically depending on time of the day.


Recent Apps

Multitasking is going to be much more easy and fun with the new recent apps menu. The simple one touch of square button will pop up the set of recent apps(now larger cards) while double tapping the same will switch you to the most recent app. Double tapping the square button again and again will give you fast access to the recent apps and there’s a countdown timer beneath the app bar expiry of which will result into currently chosen app to go full screen.



One of the most awaited feature of N, can be launched by long pressing the recent apps button.


Data Saver

With Android N, user can save a lot of data usage which is due to the syncing of various applications eating up a chunk of your data bank. When this setting is enabled it stops all the syncing in background although, the user can manually whitelist a set of apps for which syncing will occur as usual.


Emergency Info now easily accessible

Met with an accident! Android N will make the job easy for someone who’s trying to help you out during such a situation with the emergency info link appearing on your lock screen itself containing some basic handy info such as your name,address,date of birth,blood type etc. This feature being very useful is also a controversial one if the device is stolen.


Display Size

Display size now can be easily changed under display settings with a slider bar and no reboot is required for the change.


Notification/Quick settings panel

There’s now a thin strip of toggles above the notification bar including some frequently used settings like battery,DND,WiFi. Also the quick settings panel can be customized as per user requirements and long pressing some of the options also trigger other functions.


Addition to above there is also an improvised settings menu in which you can jump around various options quickly with a swipe.


The interesting part is to see what Android 7.0 will offer with its official release. What will be retained from the developer’s preview version and what more will it sport!




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